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 Pedigree Chart: Hauenstein Witchy Woman
Hauenstein Witchy Woman (DT49950)
Birth Oct 31, 2002
Color Grey
Gardner's Lorenzo B. (DT44098)
Birth May 20, 1999
Height 33.5"
Color Spotted
Hauenstein Julianna (DT49728)
Birth 1998
Height 34.25"
Color Blue-Eyed White/Ivory
Liar's Lake Hot Stuff (DT23565)
Birth Jun 4, 1993
Color Spotted
Gardner's Delilah (DT23375)
Birth Jul 30, 1992
Color Grey-Dun
Pieratt Cloud (DT35353)
Birth 1994
Color White/Ivory/Cream
Gerdes Jennet (DT54889)
Birth Before 1998
Liar's Lake Hi Jack (DT7246)
Birth Spring 1987
Height 32"
Color Grey-Dun
Liar's Lake Hot Cocoa (DT7259)
Birth Oct 14, 1986
Height 34.125"
Color Brown
Butler Jim Dandy (DT16075)
Birth 1989
Height 31.5"
Color Brown
Spotted Acres Blaze (DT6909)
Birth 1978
Height 34"
Color Grey-Dun
Jefferson Hall's Snowman (DT9486)
Birth Apr 12, 1983
Color White/Ivory/Cream

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