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Ozark Jazzy Jamm  (DT35388)
Gender:    Jack
Birth:     Aug 25, 1994

Personal Facts
Color GroupBlack 
Color DetailsBlack/brown 
Brand and MarkingsStar 

Sire L Zeus (DT2905)
Dam Williamson Donkey's Jessica (DT6770)

Half Sister 125-l Athena (DT11093)
Half Sister El El Toy Ii (DT15042)
Half Sister L (lipps) L Easy A (DT10248)
Half Sister L (lipps) L Cola (DT16175)
Half Sister La Judy (DT10551)
Half Brother La Jeffrey (DT10552)
Half Brother L-126 Apollo (DT11092)
Half Sister Windcrest Sabrina (DT20096)
Half Brother L (lipps) L Theo (DT25080)
Half Sister L (lipps) L Pepper (DT25081)
Half Brother Mighty Smoky (DT25082)
Half Brother Lipps Zeus ll (DT10713)
Half Sister Semele L (DT11105)
Half Brother L (lipps) L Samele (DT11106)
Half Brother L (lipps) L Ad Z (DT16173)
Half Brother L (lipps) L Vigero (DT16176)
Half Brother L (lipps) L Thunder (DT25020)
Half Brother L (lipps) L Benjamin (DT25022)
Half Sister L (lipps) L Angle (DT16174)
Half Sister Windcrest Lace (DT16197)
Half Sister El Chocolate Soda (DT19094)
Half Brother Ln Nestle Quik (DT23954)
Half Brother L (lipps) L Ze L (DT25079)
Half Brother L (lipps) L Rub-a-dub E (DT10249)
Half Brother L (lipps) L Heath E (DT10250)
Half Sister Lipps Mini V (DT16379)
Half Brother Roth's Thor (DT18318)
Half Brother Xanadu Llane Apollo (DT19215)
Half Brother Springlake Razmataz (DT34216)
Half Brother Hickory Hill's Peanut (DT12149)
Half Sister Am-bush Farm's Mary Lou Bush (DT16378)
Half Sister Skyview's, Windcrest Cupcake (DT21973)
Half Sister Skyview's, Windcrest Koko (DT35469)
Half Sister Windcrest Raven (DT38578)
Half Sister Windcrest Blossom (DT21118)
Half Sister Ozark Lil Nellie (DT21740)
Half Sister Ozark Jennifer Jenny (j.j.) (DT21742)
Half Brother Jc Farms Leonardo (DT23394)
Half Sister Windcrest Sally (DT28637)
Half Brother Summer Shade's Tucker (DT32258)
Half Brother Summer Shade's Malcolm (DT32259)
Half Sister Gladybrooke Fanci (DT34396)
Half Sister Clover Creek Buttercup (DT39583)
Half Sister Ozark Natalie (DT20375)
Half Sister Ozark Kelli (DT20377)
Half Sister Ozark Chocolate Taffy (DT21736)
Half Brother Ozark J.R. Zeus (DT35387)
Half Sister Ozark Lil Nettie (DT34427)
Half Sister Ozark Lil Jill (DT34430)
Half Brother Ozark Little Noah (DT34431)
Half Sister Windcrest Mallory (DT51282)
Half Sister Ozark Kerri (DT37584)
Half Sister Ozark Trudy (DT37585)
Half Sister Ozark Painted Lady (DT37587)
Half Brother Ozark Little Freckles (DT49897)
Half Sister Ozark Precious Star (DT49898)

  Short Assets Jazzmine (DT13932)
  Short Assets Jammanji (DT18047)
  Short Assets Lil' Buckaroo (DT28915)
  Short Assets Little Bit Of Jazz (DT31959)
  Short Assets Cassandra (DT35680)
  Short Assets Maka Rena (DT37169)
  Short Assets Tabitha (DT31852)
  Short Assets Fatima (DT40564)
  Short Assets Dance A Jigg (DT40579)
  Cornell Jamboree Jack (DT40916)
  Short Assets Jazzybelle (DT40941)
  Short Assets Liza Jamm (DT40963)
  Short Assets Jammyma (DT42094)
  Short Assets Remington Steele (DT13949)
  Short Assets Carmella (DT37252)
  Short Assets Paisley (DT41417)
  Short Assets As Good As It Gets ( Aka Goodie) (DT41444)
  Short Assets Nighthawk (DT43030)
  Short Assets Starry Starry Night (DT43663)
  Mcmillan Miniatures All That Jazz (DT43883)
  Short Assets Macho (DT44067)
  Mcmillan Miniatures Flojo (DT44449)
  Short Assets Smokey Joe (DT44771)
  Short Assets Yukon Jack (DT44796)
  Short Assets Neon Raven (DT45426)
  Mcmillan Snazzy (DT47160)
  Mcmillan Miniatures Jamaka (DT48560)
  Li'l Angels Shining Spark (DT53102)

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