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Jackadors Jamiroquai  (DT43764)
Gender:    Jack
Birth:     Aug 25, 1998 - Prestonfields Farm, West Midland, UK
Death:     Dec 12, 2005 - Scheessel, Germany

Personal Facts
Color GroupGrey-Dun 
Color DetailsGrey-Dun 
Brand and Markings 
RegistrationUK 80 

Sire Apache Red Of Echo Ridge (DT39941)
Dam Echo Ridge Jillian (DT39944)

Half Sister Strawberry Hill Pink Lady (DT20250)
Half Brother Murphy's Law Of Longshot (DT40729)
Half Brother Echo Ridge Commanche (DT30367)
Full Brother Hulse's Shadow (DT37839)
Full Brother Echo Ridge Farms Jeronamo (DT31924)
Half Sister Riley's Hilltop Pocahontus (DT33545)
Half Brother Riley's Hilltop Chief Pow Wow (DT32552)
Full Sister Jackadors Jessica (DT43762)
Half Sister Echo Ridge Minihaha (DT43765)
Half Sister Echo Ridge Conchella (DT43768)
Half Sister Echo Ridge Champagne (DT43769)
Half Brother Piccolo, Echo Ridge Super Sam (DT40392)
Half Sister Jackadors Poppy (DT43758)
Full Brother Jackadors Jesse James (DT43763)
Half Sister Echo Ridge Cotton Jenny (DT51563)
Half Sister Red Feathers Of Battersby (DT51584)
Half Sister Ka-rob's Sabrina (DT54168)
Half Sister Pizza Of Marklye (DT40659)
Half Sister Pepperoni Of Marklye (DT40661)
Half Brother Salami Of Marklye (DT40662)
Half Sister Jackadors Dixie (DT45055)
Half Brother Phantom Of Battersby (DT51583)
Half Brother Piccolo Puccini (DT43750)
Half Sister Piccolo Cinderella (DT43751)
Half Sister Piccolo Aida (DT46940)
Half Sister Sweet Baby Jane (DT49184)
Half Sister Jackador Zeta (DT45351)
Half Sister Jackadors Yoko (DT46832)

   None Recorded

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