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Cobra's Arthur  (DT5332)
Gender:    Jack
Birth:     Spring 1983

Personal Facts
Color GroupGrey-Dun 
Color DetailsGray-dun 
Brand and Markings 

Sire Smith' Sire Of Arthur (DT14809)
Dam Smith' Dam Of Arthur (DT14810)

   None Recorded

  Cobra's Jeanie (DT8207)
  Cobra's Janie (DT8209)
  Cobra's Silver Lady (DT6675)
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  Rainbow's Nubbin (DT21475)
  (z) Z Bit Of Velvet (DT22359)
  Cobra's Shiloh's Cardinal (DT22582)
  Cobra's Shadow's Lark (DT22583)
  Cobra's Martha (DT23455)
  Cobra's Candy (DT23456)
  Cobra's Princess (DT23457)
  Cobra's Arthur II (DT23459)
  Cobra's Golden Anne (DT23462)
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  Whispering Woods Sasperrilla (DT37461)
  Hollister's Ms. Rosie (DT20293)
  (z) Z Dandy Impression (DT20325)
  Cobra's Duke (DT23453)
  Cobra's Cookie (DT35097)
  Cobra Acres Connie (DT40982)
  Cobra's Cathy (DT16453)
  Hollister's Seventh (7th) Celebration (DT20292)
  Noah's Faylina (DT21480)
  Noah's Miss Independence (DT21481)
  Cobra's Sir Charles Brown (DT34414)
  Silver Pump Ranch The Coca-cola Kid (DT34735)
  Cobra's Melody (DT34983)
  Cobra's Texas Bonnie (DT35091)
  Cobra's Natalie Cole (DT35094)
  Cobra's Cassie (DT38615)
  Hollister's Patches (DT18628)
  Cobra's Neighbor (DT56282)

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