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Cobra's Little Joe  (DT1026)
Gender:    Jack
Birth:     Aug 22, 1987

Personal Facts
Color GroupSpotted 
Color DetailsSpotted 
Brand and Markings 

Sire Rainbow's Blizzard (DT140)
Dam Rainbow's Cocoa (DT48)

Half Sister Ea Sleepy (DT7812)
Half Sister EA Okie (DT10544)
Half Sister Ea Snow White (DT10764)
Half Brother Blizzard's Littlefoot (DT1086)
Half Brother My World Bandit (DT2680)
Half Sister Rainbow's #43 (DT5633)
Half Sister Miner's Copper Bixby (DT6609)
Half Sister Rainbow's #38 (DT7019)
Half Sister Ea Bixby (DT10545)
Half Sister Ea Carly (DT13954)
Half Brother Rainbow Switzer (DT16778)
Half Sister Kutawa Miss Blizzard (DT21910)
Full Sister Double "b" Farms Midnight Oil (DT2737)
Half Sister Rainbow's #48 (DT7014)
Half Brother Ea Pompelli (DT10848)
Half Brother Otter Creek's Exotic Abram (DT11773)
Half Sister Shannon's C.j. (DT18814)
Half Brother Rk Blizzard's Abraham (DT22374)
Half Sister B.J. Blizzard's Bunny (DT6899)
Half Sister Rainbow's #47 (DT7009)
Half Brother Watkins Jack (DT12201)
Half Sister Rainbow's Rose 123 (DT21679)
Half Brother Boone's Little Fred (DT24541)
Half Sister Spotted Sherry (DT24842)
Half Brother DWR'S Shorty (DT5101)
Half Brother DWR'S Slew (DT5103)
Half Brother B.J. Blizzard's Boy (DT5351)
Half Brother B.J. Blizzard's Buddy (DT5353)
Half Brother Quarter Moon Danny (aka Hartman's Danny) (DT9231)
Half Brother Hartman Donkeys Allen (DT9233)
Half Brother Hartman Donkey's Bernard (DT9241)
Half Brother Hartman Donkey's Billy (DT9243)
Half Brother Hartman Donkey's Adam (DT9256)
Half Sister Hartman Apple (DT9261)
Half Sister Hartman Donkey's Amy (DT9263)
Half Sister Hartman Accord (DT9288)
Half Brother Hartman Donkeys Wayne (DT9293)
Half Sister Hartman Donkey's Karla (DT9295)
Half Sister Hartman Donkey's Gina (DT9298)
Half Sister Hartman Albany (DT9300)
Half Brother Hartman Donkey's Accident (DT9319)
Half Brother Hartman Donkey's Pete (DT10000)
Half Sister Hartman Chocolate Chip (DT10002)
Half Brother Omc Jack Rabbit (DT10385)
Half Brother Ma & Pa's Teddy (DT11762)
Half Brother CD Blizzard's Storm (DT11967)
Half Brother Hartman Donkey's Spice (DT15591)
Half Brother Hee Haw Acres Charlie (DT16133)
Half Sister Small Fry Acres Santa Anna (DT19084)
Half Brother Hudson (DT24339)
Half Sister Bar (-) W Betsy (DT24412)
Half Sister Richburg's Snow White 43 (DT24464)
Half Brother Spotted Acres Bonanza (DT24474)
Half Brother Sutherlin's Little Willey (DT24846)
Half Sister E.N. Periwinkle (DT8886)
Half Brother E.N.E. Professor Plum (DT8887)
Half Sister E.N. Leilani (DT10318)
Half Sister E.N. Candytuft (DT10360)
Half Brother Drake's Summer Hailstorm (DT11576)
Half Brother E.N.E. Darth Vader (DT11675)
Half Brother E.N.E. Pepperoni (DT11676)
Half Brother E.N.E. Colonel Mustard (DT11677)
Half Brother E.N.E.. Topper (DT11680)
Half Sister DLE Ashley (DT11696)
Half Brother Dle Blizzard's Rainbow (DT11697)
Half Sister DLE Clementine (DT11698)
Half Brother Drake's Little Rainbow (DT11706)
Half Brother Drake's Tiny Tim (DT11707)
Half Brother Crescent's Crackerjack (DT11745)
Half Brother Crescent's Sweet Charley (DT11746)
Half Brother Crescent's Kodiak (DT11747)
Half Brother Ma & Pa's Pistal Packing Jackson (DT11764)
Half Brother Crescent's Gambler (DT11891)
Half Brother Teddy Bear Farms King Edward (DT11964)
Half Brother Haven's Blizzard's Hero (DT11978)
Half Sister Hill'n Dale Chicago (DT12006)
Half Sister A.a. Blizzard's Blizzy (DT20041)
Half Sister Myers' Reba Mcintyre (DT21778)
Half Sister Myers' Dottie West (DT21779)
Half Brother Foust's Red Roper (DT22148)
Half Sister Kz Blizzard's Foxy Lady (DT22471)
Half Sister Rolling Ridge Dorothy (DT23168)
Half Sister Ln Nizzie (DT23860)
Half Sister Lua Peaches And Cream (DT24036)
Half Brother Krz Acres Chip (DT24081)
Half Sister E.N.E. Ice Cream (DT24085)
Half Sister Crystal's Tammy Fae (DT35376)
Half Sister E.N.E. Divinity (DT22869)
Half Sister E.N.E. Pussy Willow (DT23559)
Half Sister E.N.E. Primrose (DT23560)
Half Brother Rolling Ridge Scooter (DT23632)
Half Brother Sunset Acres Taz (DT38254)
Half Brother Sunset Acres Sweet Bart (DT20649)
Half Sister E.N.E. Dandelion (DT20927)
Half Brother E.N.E. Domino (DT21507)
Half Sister E.N.E. Frosty (DT21510)
Half Sister E.N.E. Anthurium (DT21512)
Half Sister E.N.E. Lotus (DT21513)
Half Sister EN.E. Anemone (DT21515)
Half Sister Impossible Icicle (DT21681)
Half Brother E.N.E. Icy Paws (DT22601)
Half Sister E.N.E. Velcro (DT22707)
Half Sister E.N.E. Rainbow's Girl (DT22708)
Half Sister E.n.e. Teasel (DT25279)
Half Brother E.N.E. Trojan (DT18392)
Half Sister E.N.E. Lace (DT18594)
Half Brother E.n.e. Spaghetti (DT35189)
Half Sister E.n.e. Mateus (DT35190)
Half Sister E.n.e. Gloxinia (DT35195)
Half Sister Tongue Creek Princess (DT40858)
Half Brother Engman Rocky Rococco (DT31872)
Half Sister E.n.e. Lupine (DT37557)
Half Brother E.n.e. Crackers (DT37559)
Half Brother Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Java Jack (DT39446)
Half Sister Eagles Nest Black Beauty (DT35878)
Half Sister E.n.e. Pepper & Salt (DT35880)
Half Brother White Oak Ranch Cobalt Blizzard (DT54902)
Half Sister Engman's Tahlequah (DT43715)
Half Sister Engman Ranch Cocoa' 2000 Foal (DT44211)
Half Sister Sunset Acres Ms. Minibrays (DT53570)
Half Sister Heald Cocoa' 2003 Foal (DT52400)

  Double H Don (DT5335)
  Rearview's Pepe (DT30245)
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  Cobra's Trixie (DT38668)
  Lua Esters' Sarah (DT23670)
  Miller's Sir William (DT35650)
  R&r's Little Pepper (DT38022)
  Styx Ridge Maude (DT40302)
  B.H. Cocoa Joe (DT32023)
  Itsy Bitsy Burro Company's Little Chief (DT32424)
  Noah's Starlight (DT32932)
  Short & Sweet Tinkerbell (DT46710)

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