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Cobra's Chico  (DT23463)
Gender:    Jack
Birth:     Jul 21, 1991

Personal Facts
Color GroupSpotted 
Color DetailsSpotted 
Brand and Markings 

Sire Cobra's Little Joe (DT1026)
Dam Cobra's Ebony (DT24850)

Half Brother Double H Don (DT5335)
Half Brother Rearview's Pepe (DT30245)
Half Brother Cobra' Foal Of Muffin (DT15969)
Half Brother Cobra's P. J. (DT22597)
Half Brother Cobra's Little Joe Ii (DT22923)
Half Brother Kim's Mini Farm's Junior (DT4836)
Half Sister Z Snow Princess (DT6638)
Half Sister Z Ice Maiden (DT6639)
Half Brother Gp Flash (DT8932)
Half Sister Miller's Rosita (DT9177)
Half Brother Cobra' Foal Of Sarah (DT15960)
Half Brother Cobra' Foal Of Maud (DT15965)
Half Brother Cobra' Foal Of S. Lady (DT15966)
Half Brother Cobra's Scooter (DT20291)
Half Brother Noah's Chief (DT21796)
Half Sister Lake Hill Sugar Plum (DT24736)
Half Brother Cobra' Foal Of Luva (DT15961)
Half Brother Cobra' Foal Of Raggs (DT15968)
Half Brother Cobra Acres Cochise (DT16228)
Half Brother Noah's Stormy Joe (DT16520)
Half Sister Smith Farms Whitey (DT20668)
Half Brother Cobra's California Care (DT22581)
Half Brother Cobra's Little Joe Iii (DT23452)
Half Brother Sonoita Highlands Dynamo (DT23674)
Half Sister Cobra's Trixie (DT38668)
Half Brother Cobra's Duke (DT23453)
Half Sister Lua Esters' Sarah (DT23670)
Half Brother Miller's Sir William (DT35650)
Half Brother R&r's Little Pepper (DT38022)
Half Sister Styx Ridge Maude (DT40302)
Half Sister B.H. Cocoa Joe (DT32023)
Half Brother Silver Pump Ranch The Coca-cola Kid (DT34735)
Half Brother Itsy Bitsy Burro Company's Little Chief (DT32424)
Half Sister Noah's Starlight (DT32932)
Half Brother Bluegrass Littlejohn (DT55131)
Half Brother Bluegrass Little John (DT55401)
Half Sister Short & Sweet Tinkerbell (DT46710)

  Cobra's Geronimo (DT35090)
  Cobra's White Cloud (DT35092)
  Cobra's Crystal Gayle (DT39000)
  Cobra's Painted Cricket (DT33185)
  Cobra's Mary Kay (DT35088)
  Cobra's Josephine (DT35089)
  Cobra's Comanche (DT35517)
  Cobra's Randy Travis (DT38998)
  Cobra's Garth Brooks (DT38999)
  Cobra's Sacajawea (DT41451)
  Cobra's Little Rex (DT46764)
  Ozark Warpaint (DT41309)
  Ozark Tomahawk (DT41310)
  Ozark Silver Eagle (DT41311)
  Cobra's Sequoyah (DT41454)
  Ozark Lil Alley-Rose (DT45408)
  Ozark Napoleon (DT52935)
  Brayers Are Us No Le Asse (DT45435)
  Gardner's Chica (DT52712)
  Gardner's D'Light (DT52713)
  Gardner's Conehatta P (DT54337)
  Gardner's Natrona (DT54980)
  Gardner's Midale Ann (DT54983)

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